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Programs of the United Way of Concho Valley

There are variations to the programs that the United Way of Concho Valley supports monetarily. Sonrisas TRAILS’ Therapeutic Riding has benefited a great deal from the United Way of Concho Valley’s support. The United Way of Concho Valley has assisted more than fifty-eight thousand families through the various programs it finances, and the number keeps on growing every day.

Currently, one of the major problems facing the United Way of Concho Valley is how to get people who are not Tom Green residents to join and take part in the United Way. Ideally, the United Way of Concho Valley is aiming to have each county represented by a member on its board of directors. This representation will be highly beneficial since it will allow the United Way of Concho Valley to determine each county’s needs. The Regional Food Bank of Concho Valley serves everyone, including those who are not residents of Tom Green. Having someone from each region knowledgeable of the specific situations where the United Way of Concho Valley can lend a helping hand would be very helpful to the particular county and Concho Valley. Ideally, the person should be in sync with their community, understand their county’s needs, is involved with their community, and is willing to help the United Way of Concho Valley connect with community members.

Donations from various counties will benefit the residents of those counties and not just Tom Green. The United Way of Concho Valley has approached various companies to make presentations to their employees and obtain donations. These attempts have been successful but not successful enough to achieve significant momentum. The United Way of Concho Valley hopes to shake things up by enlightening people about the significant role the organization plays, not just in Tom Green but also in all the counties of Concho Valley. There are programs that, if the United Way of Concho Valley didn’t finance, residents would have to do without, and the bill for the program or service would fall in the hands of the county.

Various businesses and organizations are in the process of deciding whether to let their employees participate in the United Way’s quest. Unfortunately, time waits for no one, and the longer these businesses are stuck in the deciding stage, the more that programs that could benefit from more financing have to be delayed.

Ashley Ammons, former VP of Lubbock’s Community impact, was recently appointed as the CEO and President of the United Way of Concho Valley. Ammons is an active member of the Lubbock Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Junior League of Lubbock. She is a leadership graduate of Lubbock and president of the South Plains Homeless Consortium. Ashley Ammons started her career in United Way’s Lubbock area in 2014, in the capacity of a division director for campaigns. Her main role was to oversee the State Employee Charitable Campaign.