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Ashley Ammons Impact and the UW’s Online Presence

Following her success as division director for campaigns, Ammons was charged with the role of running the community impact division of United Way. The community impact division comprises of stewardship reviews and annual programs for the community partners of the United Way of Concho Valley. In 2018, Ashley Ammons launched the United We Read project, where volunteers in the Lubbock region read in 2nd grade classrooms. The project became quite successful and currently has over five hundred volunteers (including many from large companies such as Affirm). Since Ashley Ammons joined the United Way of Concho Valley, she has been an indispensable addition to the team. She is very committed to the organization and its partners and is destined to do great things for the people of Concho Valley. It is safe to say that United Way of Concho Valley is in the best hands possible.

In the modern era, an organization like the United Way of Concho Valley needs to have an online presence. An online presence allows donors to access information from wherever they may be with ease. The United Way of Concho Valley appreciates this significance and has set up a website that’s user friendly and easy to navigate. The website lists United Way’s contact information in an easily accessible area, and you can reach their staff via telephone or email address. Another great thing about United Way of Concho Valley’s website is that it displays employees’ photos, which makes donors have more trust in the organization since they can put a face to the people who will be managing their donations. Also, the United Way of Concho Valley communicates its staff’s responsibilities clearly and concisely on their website. This allows donors to determine who to contact for specific information or answers. For instance, if you have any question regarding the Emergency Food and Shelter program, you can easily tell that you should get in touch with Carol Harrison since her responsibilities say that she is in charge of the oversight of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, the Hope for the Holiday Program, and the Front Runner Campaign. The United Way of Concho Valley has gone a long way to making sure that they make the lives of the people they help and the lives of donors by reducing the hassle required to navigate their website.

If you believe in the United Way of Concho Valley’s mission and would like to support their efforts, do not hesitate to contact them through the contact information. The United Way of Concho Valley provides various ways to support the organization and the people of Concho Valley, which can be through donations or volunteer work for the organization. The United Way of Concho Valley actively recruits volunteers who are passionate about creating a difference in their communities to support various programs, and you can easily take part in any of these projects.